Whilst our core mission is focused on developing the best possible footwear on the marketplace it is important that we understand our impact that we have on the environment and ensure we focus on long term sustainability.

At Giovvani we see it as our responsibility to not only help our customers look good, but also feel good, in the knowledge that we have carefully considered the materials used as well as the processes involved in creating our collections for them. Understanding what something will be made of and how it will be made are prerequisites for us before any design goes into production.

Taking responsibility and holding ourselves accountable for our impact, we have highlighted the exact measures we take to minimise our impact on the planet.

Our Team

The great benefit of being a global online retailer means that we are able to operate on a lean basis and this has been a major focus since the inception of Giovvani.

Allowing our design, operations, and management teams to work remotely has been at the forefront of how we operate a sustainable brand whilst limiting any unnecessary impact.

Giovvani also seeks to ensure that the people who make our products – no matter where they are in the world – are treated with dignity and respect. We believe that all people have a right to make their voices heard, earn a fair wage and work in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Product

Our products are designed, manufactured and produced with quality in mind; this vision is to ensure our product lasts. Rather than purchasing multiple sets of footwear per year, we prefer charging a little more so customers get a product which stands the test of time.

All of our packaging is designed to be as minimal as possible, for example, if you order a small size of shoes, they will be shipped in a small shoe box, not only reducing the amount of waste but also reducing our carbon footprint during transportation.

Each shoe box is made from recyclable cardboard, in addition to our internal tissue also being recyclable with minimal plastic packaging used in all of our footwear orders.

Our Operations

All of our staff work remotely, we feel this environment allows creativity to flourish whilst also reducing commuting costs for staff alongside the impact of daily travel.

We save thousands of pieces of paper each year with the use of paperless customs services when possible in our transport network.
Working with in-region agents and distributors we avoid the need for international travel when launching new products.


Giovvani is taking conscious steps to ensure a healthier planet. We are constantly looking for new ways to prevent negative environmental impacts in our business and day-today operations and throughout our global supply chain. Through this continuous focus we aim towards a zero impact approach and to bring a greater positive change to our local environment and fashion industry.