Timeless Fashion. Enduring Comfort.

About Us

Expressive style without compromise. Comfort that inspires private luxury. 

Our premium footwear toes the line between high fashion and minimalism, weaving designer character within the comforts of impeccable craftsmanship.

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Exquisite, Handcrafted Artistry

Seeking perfection in every strand, Giovvani designer sneakers are crafted by hand under the care of world-class shoemakers.

Every pair is a one-of-a-kind footwear experience, and no two pairs are the same. Wearers may even notice the slightest nuances — a welcome variance with every new addition to their wardrobe.

Steadfast Values

Giovvani is inspired by the foundations under our feet, from the elements comprised to the forces that shape them. We seek to leave a legacy of excellence and sustainability in footwear, where luxury doesn’t undermine virtue or a greater purpose.

Our commitment to ethics ensures progress with every step, with minimalist footwear founded on integrity, sustainability, and reduced impact.

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Versatile Fashion

Our luxury sneakers stay true to a classic, minimalist design, with innovative colourways that blend, contrast, and highlight a versatile fashion sense.

Each pair offers a finishing piece to dynamic styles and wardrobes, with shades, tones, and expressions that bring balance to casual and smart attire in daily comfort or high-end venues.

Envisioned to appeal without overwhelming the senses, blend in without fading, and augment various styles and personalities without effort, our luxury shoes let you step between smart and casual without breaking stride.

True Designer Sneakers

A concept often relegated to the playful, luxury sneakers have eluded high fashion due to a penchant for loudness, the whimsical, and come-and-go trends.

Giovvani’s aspiration to legacy is founded on clean minimalism, where designer sneakers inspire luxury as a way of life through class, elegance, and prestigious comfort.

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A word from the CEO

The moment you put on a pair of Giovvanis, you’ll understand why we chose sneakers as our contribution to the fashion industry.

Footwear is essential, where comfort is literally at the basis of every style. You should feel good in what you wear, not only because it’s stylish, but because you feel relaxed, nimble, and in control. Giovvani is the missing piece to the high fashion puzzle, bringing balance to luxury and style through refined minimalism at your feet.

We look forward to creating a lasting legacy of luxury footwear that pays equal respect to every sense and is a welcome feature in the world of fashion.

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Chris Jenkins
Founder | CEO