Giovvani is a luxury footwear brand which specialises in minimal designed shoes with the mantra of “less is more”.

Minimal, clean, luxury styling is at the forefront of our brand.

The company’s owner initially found himself in a situation where he needed footwear which could not only be worn casually in everyday situations, but also a shoe which offered the versatility to be worn during smarter occasions.

With him regularly being on the road, he visited the typical fast fashion stores but found most footwear brands covered their shoes with excessive branding, designs and logos – not something you could exactly wear at an upmarket restaurant or bar.

His search continued with him visiting the world’s largest mall in Dubai with high expectations, but yet again, minimal designed footwear was very hard to come by.

He purchased a set of branded white sports sneakers, but just always had a feeling that they dressed down his outfit and knew this was a real problem within the footwear marketplace which needed fixing.

In early 2020, whilst the world was in the grips of a global pandemic, he set to work on creating a shoe with the versatility, class and minimalism which was missing and launched The Lorenzo, Giovvani’s flagship shoe.

Attention to detail was his focus, even down to a custom sole which features the Giovvani signature writing. When sourcing materials to make the designs a reality, it was important that the softest, yet most durable leather on the marketplace was chosen. Each and every shoe is now individually handcrafted  with this leather by our specialised shoemakers.

After months of development, towards the tail-end of 2020, the brand launched and on launch it has seen demand flood-in from across the world, confirming the need for luxury, minimal footwear.