A Hand-Built Masterpiece

Each and every Giovvani is handcrafted by our expert shoemakers, bringing one-of-a-kind flair and style to every piece.

The complex colour of our full blue set is designed to be subtle and understated yet still unique enough to highlight the wearer’s distinctive personality and flair.

Add to your style with this and other colourways from The Lorenzo collection.


Conventional Design With Effervescent Colour

A vibrant and immersive look; the Nude colorway brings a fresh feel to a classic design with its bespoke colour.

Crafted with a respect for its material, we tirelessly worked to perfect a precise colour which embellishes the wearers look to create a coveted style not found anywhere else.

A vision outside of conformity, this tailor-made tone expresses the spirit of individuality and is a presence to be felt amongst everyone’s wardrobe.


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The Lorenzo